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4 reviews for French private lesson

  1. (verified owner)

    It’s rare to come across a good teacher like Elsa. She is, at the same time, very enthusiastic about language learning and super patient with students. Her ability to explain grammar and vocabulary in simple terms is fantastic.
    Thank you, Elsa, for demystifying the French language!

  2. (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking weekly lessons with Elsa for two years, and I recommend her so highly. She is an extremely clear and patient teacher, endlessly enthusiastic and inventive, and can explain any aspect of grammar, pronunciation and writing perfectly. I first heard about Elsa’s super classes from my sister, who took lessons from Elsa and now speaks French fluently! If you are serious about learning French—at any age—take lessons with Elsa!

  3. (verified owner)

    If you wish to SPEAK french then I highly recommend private lessons with Elsa. I’ve learnt that written and oral French are two different languages. In the past I’ve spent hours listening to French CDs and reading French books but found my conversational skills just weren’t improving. I’ve been having lessons with Elsa for several months now and my French has improved out of sight. Elsa is a great teacher. She is enthusiastic, organised, patient, understanding and passionate about teaching the French language. Despite living on different continents the audiovisual quality of the lesson so good I feel that we are in the same room together, face to face. If you’re really earnest about learning French then save time and have your lessons with Elsa.

  4. (verified owner)

    I usually work with Elsa twice a week. Our classes are a mixture of grammar and speech. Her style is warm and encouraging, and she’s always in a good mood. After each class, I feel a sense of achievement. Having been a teacher in my past life, I recognize the depth of her commitment to me, which requires dedication and must be exhausting. She has the ability to speak French very slowly, yet with the proper pronunciation, so that every syllable can be heard. This helps a lot with the endings of many French words in context, where many letters are not pronounced.

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